Top 10 Reasons Why Chess is Better than Sex

chess pic

There are not too many things better than sex, but yes, chess is one of them.  Here are the top ten reasons why chess is better than sex. 

10)  A good game can last 7 hours or more.

9)   There are billions of different mating positions.

8)   You can’t catch a disease from chess.

7)   Ugly players still get to mate.

6)   You won’t get arrested for playing chess in public.

5)   No one ever complains that you’re moving too fast.

4)   You can record your moves and post them on your blog.

3)   You don’t have to cuddle with your opponent after a game.

2)   As soon as you finish your game, you’re ready for another one.

1)   You can play chess with that 19-year-old copper toned, brunette barista at the Starbucks downtown on 8th Street while your wife watches.

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