The Non-Financial Benefits to a Side Hustle

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Of course, the main reason men have a side hustle is because they’re looking to make some extra money. Period. The main hustle (i.e. regular job) is paying for bills and other monthly expenses. Side hustles provide extra income that can finance supplemental things such as  vacations, electronic gadgets, luxury items, or to get out of debt or fund an emergency fund.

But there are four important benefits to side hustles other than extra income. 

#1 – Side hustles are usually more fun.

Side hustles have a certain appeal. Most side hustles are made of things we enjoy doing a whole lot more than our “main” hustle. Side hustles are sometimes born from hobbies or special interests that we found a way to monetize (like dog walking or playing the guitar). Sometimes they are side jobs built on special skills that we developed over long periods of time (like auto repair or guitar playing).  But the bottom line is that the best side hustles are those that truly give you joy.  (Makes sense, right?  Why spend extra time on the side doing work you hate?)

#2 – Side hustles help you fine tune specific skills.

If your side hustle is playing the piano at wedding receptions, then you’ll not only get better at the music, but you’ll get more familiar with the routine and the industry, and then you’ll get even more clients because you’ll simply become the best. Not only will you be fine tuning the obvious skill related to your side hustle, but you’ll also be fine tuning your business skills. Networking with potential clients, maintaining relationships with existing clients, setting reasonable price points, being aware of (and knocking out) the competition, marketing yourself–all of these are business skills that get sharper as you get extra practice with your side hustle.

#3 – Side hustles have the potential to replace the main hustle.

Think of all the stories of successful businesses that were started in someone’s garage or began as someone’s hobby. For most people, getting paid to follow a passion is an addictive feeling. There’s nothing else quite like it. People who feel this way about a successful side hustle eventually look for ways to get that feeling full time.

#4 – Side hustles help you develop a sense of masculine autonomy.

With your side hustle, there’s a closer relationship between effort and reward. It’s very different then the main job. In your main job, you can work hard one week, slack off the next week, and probably take a sick day or two, but your monthly paycheck will usually stay the same each month. Not true with your side hustle. In the side hustle, you have total control over everything. If you work hard one week, you’ll get paid for your work. If you work harder the following week, you’ll see greater reward. If you slack off the next week, you see no reward. Side hustles harken back to the days when men got an honest pay for an honest day’s work.

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