Cook the Perfect Rib Eye Without a Grill


My 12-year-old son loves when I grill steaks, burgers, and brats. So when I asked him to suggest a topic for this week’s article, he recommended writing about food.

My mother got me a new infrared outdoor grill for Fathers Day last year, and since then I’ve made everything from marinated short ribs with grilled pineapple to a REALLY GOOD dill and olive oil salmon cooked on cedar planks. But the thing I grill most often is steak, and my favorite cut of steak is a nice bone-in, one-inch thick rib eye.

If you’re a young man just starting on your way into adulthood, chances are pretty good that you don’t have your own outdoor grill. So what I present to you today is my own method for cooking a chile garlic rib eye steak indoors without a grill.

Cooking Time: 16 minutes. (Not 15, not 20…exactly 16 minutes damnit!)

Tools Needed:

  • large skillet (9 or 10-inch skillet)
  • tongs
  • cookie baking sheet
  • aluminum foil (optional, just in case you want an easy clean-up)


  • 1-inch thick rib eye steak (…duh…)
  • butter (you could use olive oil…naw…just go ahead and use butter)
  • salt
  • chile powder
  • garlic powder

 Here’s what you do.  

First and foremost, the steak should be at room temperature. Don’t take a steak from the fridge and start cooking it cold. (Technically, you could cook a cold steak if you want, but you run the risk of uneven cooking in the middle. Trust me. Go with a room temperature steak.)  

Before you start cooking, preheat your oven to 400 degrees. It takes time to preheat, so you’ll want to do that early. So starting from room temperature, sprinkle salt onto one side of the steak. Then sprinkle equal amounts of the chile powder and the garlic powder onto that salted side. The key here is to get liberal with it. Don’t be afraid of seasonings. (Over time, you’ll adjust and figure out how much chile and garlic you like.)

Turn one of your burners on high heat and coat the bottom of the skillet with a large slab of butter. (You’ll also want to turn on the fan above your stove because it’s going to get smoky in your kitchen.) Once it’s hot, use some tongs to lay the seasoned side down into the buttered skillet.  

Now pay attention. You heard me…pay attention. Don’t touch the steak. You’ll want to touch it because you’re like most guys who like to flip things over and over. Don’t do it. Just let it sit there for exactly four minutes. While it’s searing, keep yourself busy by sprinkling the other side with your seasonings just like you did before.  

After the four minutes are up, flip the steak and let that side sear for exactly four minutes. Then, after those four minutes are up, place the steak on a foil-lined baking sheet and pop it in the oven for exactly eight minutes. That ensures the inside is cooked through. After exactly eight minutes, you’re done. Take it out and let it sit for a couple minutes before cutting into it.

Perfect rib eye.

You’re welcome.

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