The Hustler’s Christmas List

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I teach full-time, but my side hustle is getting paid for my writing.

A lot of people recognize the benefits of a side hustle, but sometimes family and friends are not aware how much a side hustle can occupy a person’s thoughts, time, and energy.

Grinding every day and trying to turn a hustle into profit are things that the hustler is always doing, so if you have a hustler in your life, the last thing you need to get this hustler for Christmas is another damn coffee mug or sweater.

So what do you get a hustler for Christmas?

The key is to honor the hustle. Hustlers are results-oriented people, so show your support by offering things that put the hustler closer to his or her goals.

The things that hustlers would love to get from you fit into the following three categories: connections, tools, time/wellness.

CONNECTIONS: More than anything else, a hustler needs customers and opportunities. There are three ways you can help the hustler in your life connect with others. You can help connect a hustler to paying customers, you can help connect a hustler to a network of peers, or you can connect a hustler to a mentor.

  • Find a well-positioned professional who can elevate the hustler’s business to a new level. Set up a meeting between your loved one and that professional. Once the meeting is set, place that professional’s business card in an envelope and VOILA…an awesome and thoughtful Christmas gift that cost you nothing from your wallet.
  • Pay the registration fee (or make travel arrangements) to attend a conference or networking event in your hustler’s industry. (For example, I’m a writer who focuses on issues of manhood and masculinity. Last week, I was given an awesome gift…a ticket to attend the 2017 Dad 2.0 Summit, a conference for fathers who write about fatherhood and masculinity.)
  • If your loved one sells a product as a side hustle, buy ten of those products as gifts to other people. Or if you’re short on cash, find a way to send those customers to your hustler. (I work with an amazing psychology professor who also serves as an advisor for a student club on campus. She bought copies of my book for everyone in that student club, and then she offered to personally buy a book for any of her psychology students who sent her a request for one. Now THAT was a cool Christmas gift!)

TOOLS: Show your support for your loved one’s hustle by giving things to help build the business. Tools can come in all forms. Consider the tools below.

  • Order a stack of business cards. Instead of going with a plain white business card, go to and do something unique like double-sided cards, picture cards, or even transparent business cards. (For example, a few months ago, I got some high-quality double-sided business cards with photos on both sides for only $25. No, I don’t have any connection to this company. I just love their stuff.)
  • Design a website, buy a domain name, or pay for web hosting.
  • Buy your loved one a book on building start-ups. (I really like Chris Guillebeau’s book The $100 Startup and Peter Thiel’s book Zero to One.)
  • Purchase a subscription to Entrepreneur magazine.
  • Portable smartphone charger.
  • Laptop backpack or messenger bag.

TIME/WELLNESS: Often, hustlers are so busy that they don’t have time to take care of the routine tasks that keep life operating smoothly. This is especially true for hustlers who have busy family lives with tons of activities or kids who need care and attention. They also tend to neglect their health needs. Healthy eating, regular exercise, and lots of rest are often lower on the priority list for hustlers, and so they end up neglecting their fitness, they eat on the go, and they pull all-nighters. Show the hustlers in your life that you care about their well-being with some of the gifts below.

  • Pay for a service to clean your loved one’s house.
  • Babysit your hustler’s kids during the day each Saturday for an entire month so your hustler can go hustle.
  • Buy groceries. Better yet, offer to cook meals for your hustler for a week straight.
  • Help your hustler relax with gift cards to a spa or reserve a night at a beach hotel.
  • Fitness videos or a gym membership.
  • High-powered blender for smoothies.
  • Durable, water bottles (there’s even a water bottle for $15 that keeps track of how much water you drink during the day.)

Hopefully, you have a few ideas for the hustler in your life. Feel free to leave comments below if you have any other great ideas to add to the list.

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