The King’s Relationship Tips



There are several individual articles on the Joker to King website to help you with your relationships. However, this week, I have condensed some of the most important ideas. This is a simple list of 20 tips to help you with your current relationships and the relationships yet to come.

  1. The most pleasing sound in the world to a woman is the sound of her own name.
  2. Boys complain.  Guys argue.  Men discuss.
  3. Real men only have sex with women who want it more than they do.  If you’re not there yet, then discover what you’re doing (or not doing) to make it that way.
  4. When you’re going out on the town, never outdress your lady.  She should remain the center of attention.
  5. Eliminate (or, if necessary, drastically limit) the time you spend around people who suck the happiness right out of you.  This includes everyone–women, men, coworkers, friends, and family.
  6. Ask her out.  You know exactly who I’m talking about.  If you can’t think of a way to start the conversation, compliment her shoes.
  7. Yes, it is true…the ones who make you the happiest will hurt you the most.  This will always be the case until you realize that other people can’t make you happy.  Release people of the burden of making you happy, and you will release them of the power to hurt you.
  8. Increase the time you spend with your daughters and nieces.  The little girls in your life need your presence just as much as the boys.
  9. Feel free to talk shit and humiliate your buddies when you’re hanging out. But never, ever berate or embarrass someone in public or mixed company. Real men build others up. There is much more impact having the tough conversations in private.
  10. Gossip is the currency of attention seekers.
  11. Always pour the other person’s drink first.
  12. Don’t split the bill on dates.  Just go ahead and pay for it.
  13. Women usually talk in order to solve problems more easily.  Men usually solve problems in order to talk more easily. In a relationship, arguments are never about this idea, but they can often be remedied by remembering this idea.   
  14. Never lend money to someone if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll get it back.
  15. Remember your wife or girlfriend’s favorite drink.
  16. When you interact socially with coworkers (happy hour, holiday parties, company picnic), your plan should be to use that time to make a “second” first impression. Practice elements of style (appearance, mannerisms, language, charm), practice minimal indulgence (in other words, go light on the hors d’ouevres, and stick to one drink per hour), and use the time to practice your small talk skills.
  17. Always make eye contact when you shake someone’s hand. In fact, you should never break eye contact until you break the handshake.
  18. Refine your speech and avoid pejoratives (retard, bitch, slut, etc.)  All words are reflections on the speaker. What do pejoratives say about you?
  19. An African proverb states “If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.” Stop what you’re doing right now.  Give a phone call to someone who you need to include on a project you’re currently working on alone.
  20. Be the type of man you want your daughters and nieces to find someday.




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