Let Go of Being a Guy

TED movie image
Image from the movie TED (2012)

Every man has a milestone in his life in which he realizes that he’s now a man. For some men, it could be landing their first full-time job. For some, it could be the first time they ever got into a fight. For other men, it is the first time they ever avoided a fight. These tangible moments include things such as a man going on his first solo road trip, losing his virginity, moving out of the family home, or purchasing a car with his own money.

When it comes to these milestones, they are usually all about acquiring something or achieving something. Unfortunately, not enough men talk about the opposite idea–letting go. You can’t grab the next rung in the ladder without letting go of the previous one.

Let me repeat that.

You can’t grab the next rung in the ladder without letting go of the previous one.

In every type of transition, there is grabbing something new and letting go of something old. This is true of all transitions including the transition from high school to college, the transition from childhood to adulthood, the transition from unemployment to employment, the transition from dating to marriage.

The reason you come to this Joker to King site and read these articles is because you are trying to make the transition from being a guy to being a man. Picture yourself with arms outstretched wide. With one hand, you’re trying desperately to grab onto the next handle ahead of you called manhood. But in order to reach it, you have to remove your other hand from the handle behind you called guyhood. Picture the length of the gap between guyhood and manhood as the exact same length as your wingspan. Let go of guyhood so you can grab onto manhood.

So how do you do that?

In order to make the transition from being a guy to being a man, you have to identify some of the things that are keeping you trapped in guyland. Being a man doesn’t necessarily mean getting rid of video games or your old concert t-shirts or comic books. But it DOES mean getting in touch with that part of your life that you’re holding on to a little too tightly.

Your lesson today is very personal. Today, make a list of the things in your life that you cannot envision bringing with you into manhood. This is a list only you can make. This will be a tough lesson because I’m asking you to let go of something that you’re trying hard to hold onto. The truth is that if you are honest with yourself, you already know one or two major things on that list.

The thing that you’re thinking of right now.

Yeah that one.

Consider letting that go.


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