-by Robert Daylin Brown

The Story

In December of 2012, my youngest brother DJ (who was 21-years-old at the time) was having difficulties in his life.  He had already dropped out of two colleges, he was hanging with the wrong crowd, he lost his job, and he was thinking of doing something illegal out of desperation. He thought he was approaching everything in his life the wrong way.

That’s when he asked me to teach him how to be a man.

It’s hard to say no to a question like that. But he also appealed to my sensibilities as a teacher.  I wondered if it was actually possible to teach someone exactly how to be a man.

I talked it over with my wife, and we agreed to let DJ move in with us immediately after the New Year holiday of 2013.

For DJ’s birthday that year, I designed a beautiful customized deck of cards, and gave him the Ace of Spades. Along with the Ace of Spades card was a print out of an assignment that I wanted him to complete. If he completed the assignment, then the following week I would give him another card with another assignment. The idea was that there are 52 cards in a deck, and there are 52 weeks in a year.  If he collected all the cards by completing all the assignments, then he’d be a mature, responsible man by his next birthday.

Those 52 manhood lessons were collected in a book and finally published in May of 2016. You can read the reviews and purchase the book Joker to King here on Amazon. If you would like to receive a FREE excerpt of the book, just click on the CONTACT link in the menu above and complete the form writing the words FREE EXCERPT in the subject line.

The Explanation

Males over the age of 18 are legally referred to as men.  Over time, however, we’ve come to casually refer to males aged 18 to 25 as “guys” instead of “men.”  In casual conversation, we hear things like “That guy in my class” or “That dude in the black jacket.” Few people refer to the males in that age group as men.

Many of these “guys” feel lost. They don’t always know how to navigate the world as new adults.  Not only are they missing the solutions on how to become a man, but they often don’t even know what questions to ask that will get them closer to manhood.

The Website

The Joker to King mission is to help guys become better men.  I will do my very best to provide high-quality content and resources that are relevant to a man’s continuous journey into manhood.

There is an ancient Japanese saying: “To know and not do is to not know.”  My hope for you is that this website leads to information and transformation.

One does not simply become a man and then stop. Learn to view manhood as a journey rather than a destination. It’s a journey that takes a lifetime to master. Learn to constantly grow into a better version of manhood each year of your life.

The articles on the Joker to King site are divided into the following four categories:

  • HEARTS – articles on men’s relationships (dating, communication, marriage, family, work relationships, brotherhood, etc)
  • DIAMONDS – articles on men’s resources (money, time, financial planning, business development, saving, investing, etc.)
  • SPADES – articles on the internal world of manhood (personal development, masculinity, book reviews, culture, society, etc.)
  • CLUBS – articles on the external world of manhood (fitness, health, sports, food and drinks, technology, gear and gadgets, grooming and style, etc.)

I’m always looking for fellow men who want to share their wisdom with the world as well. If you want to write a guest post, or if you have ideas for a topic, feel free to contact me under the CONTACT link in the above menu.  (I don’t guarantee that everything you write will make it to the site, but you can always ask.)

Thanks for visiting Joker to King.

Now let’s go be better men.

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